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A good flooring accentuates the beauty and comfort of a home.

At Mu (木), we strive to be different with our approach in serving you. We aim to share with you our expertise and knowledge of different types of wood to suit your needs.

Our floors are designed to last you a lifetime. That’s because we feel strongly in using the right methods and tools, not cutting corners but adhering to recognised international standards of wood crafting. We also include environmental friendly products to continue in sustaining a green environment.

Thanks for visiting our website. Please browse through our range of products and learn a little more about our range of wood for outdoor living. If you need a free assessment of your timber flooring, please contact us today at 9228 1132 / 6247 7022 .

  • Very happy with the decking fixed for my planters. MU Flooring Catherine is professional, she first understand the clients need then patiently explain and show the different types of decking materials before recommend what is appropriate. Excellent service rendered and very good price too. - Irene Neo
  • "Glad to have engaged Mu for the decking in our house. Stephen provided us with good advice for the selection of the type of wood which suits our needs and liking. Not to mentioned the prompt response and impeccable service rendered for the installation. Highly recommended."
    ‎Chris Lee Huai Qin
  • "Beautifully done with the super experience and knowledgeable vendor. Very helpful and quick response on the doubts and queries that I had. Most important price is reasonable.. Good job.." ‎Mee Kia
  • "Simple, yet efficient. 100% Satisfaction." - Jonathan, Marketing Manager, Pasir Ris One
  • We are very glad we engaged Mu Flooring for our timber decking needs. Stephen, Catherine and their team made sure that we are completely satisfied with our decking, and the entire process was a smooth and enjoyable one.
    Impeccable service (pre, during and after sales), excellent product and top class workmanship. All at a very reasonable price. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

    Cornelius Loh
  • Excellent service rendered by Catherine and Stephen. Catherine had cleared all my doubts on the types of timber and the safety aspect for my kids as well. Stephen came over and inspect the decking personally and changed some of the timbers that was not done properly and ensured that the end result will be perfect. Great after sales support!!
    Benjamin Wong

Types of woods we use


Burmese Teak High-End Timber

Burmese Teak High-End Timber has a leather-like smell when it is freshly milled. Burmese teak timber is particularly valued for its durability and water resistance, and is used for boat building, exterior construction, veneer, furniture, carving, turnings, and other small wood projects.


Ironwood Decking

Regarded as the most stable and densest wood specie, and is considered as one of the hardest in the world by building professionals. Hence, Ironwood is commonly used for heavy duty decking construction as well as ship building. Its density makes it durable to prevent splits while its biological state allows it to be non-absorbent to water during wet days thus eliminating the risk of slippery floors. No doubt it was one of parents' favourite whom toddlers love playing in the backyard/ balcony.


Merbau Wood Decking

Otherwise known as (Kwila) is a dark reddish brown Asian rainforest hardwood timber which has grainy texture and are very durable, ideally suited to the manufacture of outdoor furniture and decking. With the abundance of natural oil in the wood ensures your outdoor setting looks good. Average life expectancy is approximately 25-50 years with proper installation and regular maintenance.



When it comes to stability, structural integrity, durability and resistance against pest infestations, nothing comes close to Aerodeck, an eco-friendly product without the intended felling of trees. With its consistency in colour and substrate, it minimizes maintenance efforts, which allows greater savings. In addition, a warranted period of good *10 years is extended to all home-owners in your effort to being environmentally friendly like we do in being socially responsible. *Prevailing Terms & Conditions applies.


Chengal Wood Decking

Dating back to the Orang Laut (Fishermen) days of Singapore, Chengal wood had been used in the construction of sturdy kelong structures. It is durable, resistant to pests and possess a natural lustre on its surface, which can be further enhanced through the application of a wood lacquer of your choice. This is why it is one of the most common wood used for decking in the archipelago.


Balau Decking

Commonly used as an affordable alternative to Chengal timber, Balau decking is best used for flooring projects such as Condominium show- units and public parks.


Bamboo Decking

Known for its straight and upright characteristics, bamboo is an auspicious plant for the Chinese as its sectional tiers symbolizes progress in personal development, career and business advancement. Bamboo had been used for flooring since the mid 1990s in the west and through the advancement of technologies, we have re-created it to be your eco- friendly yet reliable fengshui-ed flooring. The 'tiers' of bamboo is itself a natural statement of art on your floor. You do not need to be artistically inclined to have a classic piece you call your own.

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